4729 Walnut Road, Buckeye Lake, Ohio 43008.

The Volunteers are the best, but the

Queen transports them around the lake!​

Rob Klinger Starts the Program

The Buckeye Lake Yacht Club and their Trophy Case

Top Crew - Al Alder

Top Guide- Lois Hollar

Top Docent - Sonny Rollee

Top Captain - Charlotte Basnett

Director, J-me Braig, Reviews the Fantastic Buckeye Lake Summer Season, for the assembled Volunteers.

It is all about Thanking You!

Volunteering isn't about how much time you give, it is about how you feel about where you live and the people that are a part of your community. It is about laughter and the spirit of human kindness.

​Here tonight, sit the finest volunteers
that the Buckeye Lake community has. Our success wouldn't be possible without the likes of each and everyone of you • J-me.

The served dinner was held September 25th, at the beautiful Buckeye Lake Yacht Club, on a wonderful fall evening, showing off a romantic Buckeye Lake lake sunsets.  

volunteer dinner 2014

Flowers for Zenna Sayre

Top Rookie - Mike Collins

GBLHS Board Members
​Fred Bair - President
Mike Cassidy - Vice President
Ila Mason - Secretary
Jim Layton - Treasurer
Charlene Hayden - Trustee
Zenna Sayer - Trustee
Donna Braig - Trustee
Rae LeCompte - Trustee
John Hoermle - Trustee 
Rob Klinger - Ways & Means
Charlotte Basnett - Acquisitions
Luann Cooperider - Trustee
Carol Thress - Marketing & Promotion

​J-me Braig - Director

Twilight Time

The Greater Buckeye Lake Historical Society​​​

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