4729 Walnut Road, Buckeye Lake, Ohio 43008.

The Greater Buckeye Lake Historical Society​​​

Captain of the Queen:  John Hoermle (with Liz)
Crew for Queen: Mike Collins and Bill Muryn
Narrator on Queen: Kaye Hartman
Reservation Tent on North Shore: Mary Muryn & Charlene
50/50 tickets: Charlotte (on the island)
Door Prize tickets: Sonny (on the island)
House People: Connie, Mike & Marilyn, & Margo (on the island)
Island greeters: Luellen & Dave ( in period attire) on the island
Rovers on Island: Pat, Emil & Joy
Decorations: Kaye & Ces
Photographer: Kitty & Michael
DJ: Jeff Cox, Helper Bob Shaw
Trivia Contest: Marianne
Clean up: everyone
​Assistant to J-me:  everyone!!!

Twilight Time

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In honor of being such wonderful hosts of the Orchard Island Tour,

J-me Braig, Museum Director, awarded Grant & Susan Douglass Lifetime Memberships, in the Greater Buckeye Lake Historical Society.

The sweet, demure, couple have resided on the island for 18 years and restored two of the three cottages to their original state. 

Historic Island Hosts Fundraiser

The year was 1910, Colonel Wells and his wife Jane bought Orchard Island with a plan to plant peach trees. Flash ahead to the year 2014 as the Queen of the Lake ll transportated over one hundred people to the Orchard Island Tour. 

​Dressed in the jazz period style
of the early 1900's, guests wandered through Orchard Island, enjoyed cocktails, dined on beef tenderloin and listened to wonderful Island and Big Band music. Hosts Grant and Susan Douglass opened their three island homes to guests. Orchard Island is one of 21 islands located on the waters of Buckeye Lake.

The island, developed in the late 1800's, began as the Colonel’s Peach Orchard. After a harsh winter wiped out the crop, cottage development began soon after. On a historic note, the Buckeye Lake Yacht Club held their first meeting on Orchard Island.
Dinner was catered by John Doneff  from Island House in Millersport. DJ Jeff Cox, known as “Foxie Coxie” delighted the crowd with his music choices. The fundraiser, to support the Buckeye Lake Historical Society and Museum, was a complete success.

Our thanks to everyone who participated in this delightful event.

orchard island tour 2014