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The Greater Buckeye Lake Historical Society​​​

You Love the Port Smokehouse.

The Paul Clark Party Band Loves Buckeye Lake

Paul Had a Secret that Night.

It's All Aout the Hair.

Yikes!! Cream Puffs

​My Diet just Dissappeared!

bogtoberfest 2016

We Love Pepsodent Smiles...

The 2016 Bogtoberfest really rocked with The Paul Clark Party Band. Music and conversation made for a fun filled evening. Several vendors supplied the crowd with wonderful food and beer, keeping the excitement at a fever pitch. Local businesses and volunteers helped to make this another successful fund raiser, for the Buckeye Lake Historical Society Museum’s Cranberry Bog Project.

The Society would like to add a special Thank You to John Lemon, the volunteers and Paul & Jackie Clark for all their effort. They are devoted members of the Buckeye Lake Museum and always looking for ways to help the society raise funds.

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This Event Dedicated to the Loving Memory of Taffy.