The Flying Scooters at night

The Round-Up, Newest Ride on the Mid-Way 1960's

Saturday July 28, 2018

Remembering Jimmy

“Fish Fry with Fries” thought concessionaire Jimmy Kearns, as he worked his French-fried potato stand, on the new pier at Buckeye Lake in 1946. The summer crowds kept Jimmy busy, but he never let the pressure of business interfere with his first love ---Fishing.

Jimmy has a small trap door in the rear of his stand, through which he drops his line. Once his line is set he returns to his business. A small cowbell, tied to the line, starts ringing when he has a bite. This is a signal for Kearns to land his catch.

The thought of Fresh Deep-Fried Fish and “Park” French Fries sounded perfect, for the museum menu, at this year’s tour. Jimmy, was from the article originally written by famous Dispatch columnist, Johnny Jones. We thank them both for our chosen menu, 72 years later.​

night picnic 2018

1946 Wurlitzer Jukebox

Buckeye Lake
Started as a reservoir for the Ohio Canal in 1825, Buckeye Lake came into prominence as a fishing and pleasure resort with the coming of the railroads in 1875. The shimmering waters of this beautiful lake have been an attraction for the fisherman for many years. 

Buckeye Lake’s amusement center is among the finest in America. The large midway, given over to exciting games and rides, brings thousands to the lake each summer.
A visit to Buckeye Lake will be a never-to-be-forgotten experience. 

This copy is from a 1950’s Buckeye Lake brochure. 

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The Greater Buckeye Lake Historical Society​​​

This Event was Sponsored by the

Buckeye Star Lines owned by the Lemon Family.

Shown Above is Tiny Fields, Speed Boating guests around Buckeye Lake 1950's.

The Dips Roller Coaster, Ohio’s Largest 1940's


The Greater Buckeye Lake Historical Society Museum 2018.

Back in the day, during the 1950’s and 60’s, The Buckeye Lake Amusement Park was the thrill of a lifetime. “Fun” was the key word and the promoters of the park made sure the fun never stopped. There was something to do for all ages.

Kiddie rides for the little ones, bumper cars for the teens and at night, top notch entertainment, like Bob Hope, for the adults. One genius came up with the idea of “Night Picnics.” These affairs became very popular because employees get off work around 4:00PM. This let them head for the Park and enjoy their picnics through the evening hours. Night Picnics enjoy the

cool of the summer evenings and the Park's beautiful night lighting.

Our Summer Tour this year will follow the wonderful idea of a Night Picnic. The event will take place at the Buckeye Lake Historical Museum. Themes will follow the methods used in the picnics of the 50’s and 60’s. Check out the menu and pretend to be at another time and place, the Buckeye Lake Amusement Park.

Jimmy Kearns 1946

1957 Coke Machine

4729 Walnut Road, Buckeye Lake, Ohio 43008.

Buckeye Lake Crystal Swimming Pool
Bathing Beauty Contest 1950's

Hors d’oeuvers & cocktail time
A savory dish as your appetizer once served at The Park Terrace Restaurant
Enjoy the signature drink, an Old Fashioned.
Fresh Deep-Fried Fish
“Park” French Fries
Cole Slaw

Direct from the Fish Haven Food Stand on the Midway at Buckeye Lake Park
Weldon’s Ice Cream, Candied Apples,
Cotton Candy & Apple Pie

Desserts you left the park with, on the way to your car after Company Picnic Day at The Park