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J-me's journal-ASI Constructors 

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ASI Constructors ​

​November 8, 2015

​​Dear Member and Friends,

Fall has arrived, daylight saving time brings darkness earlier, and that means we are heading into the “cold zone”.  Hopefully, it will be a mild one this winter!

I would like to share some information concerning our Dam restoration project. ODNR has selected ASI Constructors as the construction manager to lead the coordination of the project.  ASI Constructors specializes in dam construction and dam modification projects, having worked on 145 dam projects. ASI has agreed to the 20-hour construction schedule, and plans to complete the stability berm and seepage barrier by next summer. Learn more by logging onto:

We are still in Phase I... many things yet to do. Dock owners on the earthen dam made a decision whether to sign over a waiver and have the State/ODNR remove their docks or not sign the waiver and remove it themselves. As far as I can gather, about 150 waivers were signed.  Private removal was done by some owners, but it was a tough decision especially for those who just replaced their docks. The State/ODNR will remove docks and take them to a holding area.  For those who would like to keep their docks, plans need to be made to pick them up within 60 days. The dock dilemma, as I call it, also has the owners asking if they will be able to use their docks again. That is a tough question to answer since the final design of the permanent wall has not yet been completed. However, we do know residents on the earthen dam will be allowed to have a dock in front of their homes when construction is done. We also know docks will need to be free standing (not attached to the wall - not going there again!) In addition, we do not know what the design restrictions will be or what design residents will have to follow.  This remains to be determined.

There are two things that are very important for the residents and homeowners of the earthen dam to do.

First of all, if you have any electric lines for light to your dock or any gas lines that provide gas to your grill, make sure that they are disconnected. They do not need to be removed (good idea, however, since you know where they are), but if a worker comes through your area and cuts the electric cord, the breaker in your home will be tripped and could possibly shut down the electrical system. If you are a snowbird and gone all winter, this might cause you some problems with freezing pipes. We also do not want any accidents to happen to workers or to our homes.

Second, Gannett-Fleming, and I believe State/ODNR, are asking residents to allow surveyors into their homes to document their home before construction begins. I know this is suspect at first. However, bear with me for a moment. If there is a pipeline built down the main street of a town, it is customary for the businesses to do this type of documentation in case something happens during the construction that would harm their business. If it is not the fault of the owner, then there is documentation which will hold up in court and be fixed. Proof is very important! My point is that I urge residents to do this. Your homes are only 15-20 feet from a very serious construction project. You could also complete this yourself or hire a company to do it for you if you do not want the surveyors provided by State/ODNR in your home. Just make sure you give a copy of the documentation to Gannett Fleming for their records. This must be provided.

A final note on this update: Gannet-Fleming will be at the Museum on Thursday, November 12, to answer any and all of your questions about the survey plan. As of this update, the time is from 4:00-7:00 pm. If you have a residence on the earthen dam, hopefully you will receive a letter in time to attend this meeting. Just for your information, this is an open meeting.

We are continuing to make history at our Buckeye Lake. We are here for you, as you have all been here for the Museum continuing to help us provide the long legacy that has made us what we are today. We are Buckeye Lake Strong and will persevere!!

Your Faithful Director,