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The Greater Buckeye Lake Historical Society​​​

Buckeye Lake during the 3 phases of reconstruction.

​October 21, 2015

​​Dear Members,
As some of you might know, I was selected to be on the Citizen’s Advisory Committee for
the Dam Reconstruction.  The purpose of the committee is to meet with the designers, engineers 
& ODNR so we can share updates with our members and the residents of Buckeye Lake during the 3 phases of reconstruction.

We are currently in Phase I.  This is to construct the 30 ft. gravel mix berm that will allow the trucks and equipment to move freely about the earthen dam.  There are three staging areas.  Leib’s Island,
Seller’s Point and North Shore.  North Shore does allow some access for visitors on the far
side of the park.  The Fountain and the historic information will be fenced off during the construction
to avoid damage.

The work schedule for Phase I has been approved.  This means that the crews will be working in two
shifts around the clock with trucks coming thru the Village at one truck every four minutes.  It is
going to be a very busy area for some time.  There will be about 30,000 truckloads.

Docks are being removed right now.  They need to be removed by November 1.  ODNR will
remove your dock for you and store it for 60 days if you wish to save it. New docks will be
permitted to homeowners once the new dam has been completed.

There will be a 5 foot fence the entire length of the dam that will stay in place during the construction.
Tree removal will be happening as well.  Some will be trimmed, but dead or decaying trees that impede the dam will be taken out. New trees will be planted when the new dam is finished.

The press has announced that the water level could go back up as soon as June of 2016.   This schedule has many variables; weather, construction delays and other possible problems.  The State is working at a record pace and the project is moving ahead.  We are thrilled with this.  Hope is the key word here and
working together is essential.  

Once again, Buckeye Lake is adding to our long history.  We are documenting it as it goes. The Historical Society is staying strong and moving forward with funding opportunities to keep us operating.  Should you have any questions or concerns, I am available to answer them and if I don’t know the answer I will be happy to find out for you.  

Your faithful Director,

One thing about Buckeye Lake Historical Society, Museum Director,
​ J-me Braig, you never have to wonder what she is thinking...

She will be happy to tell you!

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