It is all about Thanking You!

Volunteering isn't about how much time you give, it is about how you feel about where you live and the people that are a part of your community. It is about laughter and the spirit of human kindness.

​Here tonight, sit the finest volunteers
that the Buckeye Lake community has. Our success wouldn't be possible without the likes of each and everyone of you • J-me.

The served dinner was held September 25th, at the beautiful Buckeye Lake Yacht Club, on a wonderful fall evening, showing off a romantic Buckeye Lake lake sunsets.  

volunteer dinner 2014

4729 Walnut Road, Buckeye Lake, Ohio 43008.

Flowers for Zenna Sayre

Top Captain - Charlotte Basnett

Director, J-me Braig, Reviews the Fantastic Buckeye Lake Summer Season, for the assembled Volunteers.

GBLHS Board Members
​Fred Bair - President
Mike Cassidy - Vice President
Ila Mason - Secretary
Jim Layton - Treasurer
Charlene Hayden - Trustee
Zenna Sayer - Trustee
Donna Braig - Trustee
Rae LeCompte - Trustee
John Hoermle - Trustee 
Rob Klinger - Ways & Means
Charlotte Basnett - Acquisitions
Luann Cooperider - Trustee
Carol Thress - Marketing & Promotion

​J-me Braig - Director

Top Guide- Lois Hollar

Top Docent - Sonny Rollee

The Greater Buckeye Lake Historical Society​​​

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The Buckeye Lake Yacht Club and their Trophy Case

Twilight Time

The Volunteers are the best, but the

Queen transports them around the lake!​

Rob Klinger Starts the Program

Top Crew - Al Alder

  • I Love2:09

Top Rookie - Mike Collins