The Greater Buckeye Lake Historical Society​​

 There were over 300 people in attendance that day.  Special thanks to the Winery owners, Tracy & Laura Higginbotham,

GM Carol Thress and all the staff for a wonderful day.

It is now an annual event.

Judge Luanne Cooperrider, GBLHS Board Member,
J-me Braig, Museum Director & Laura Higginbotham, Winery Owner.

Photographer Kitty Olohanzwiss

Polar bear plunge

About to become icicles.

water temperature was 27 degrees !!!

signing up to plunge

First jump brrrrrr.....

On February 2, 2014 the Buckeye Lake Winery held its First Annual Polar Bear Plunge to benefit the Buckeye Lake Historical Society. When purchasing a Plunge T-Shirt, a portion of the proceeds was donated or friends made a Pledge for a Plunge. There was a Chili and Baked Potato Bar to warn up afterward. Entertainment was provided by guitarist, Reid Coleman.

  • Little Darlin'2:10

All the wonderful folks signing up for the Plunge on Groundhog Day at the Buckeye Lake Winery. Ninety Seven people donated pledges to the Buckeye Lake Historical Society raising close to $5,000.