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The Greater Buckeye Lake Historical Society​​​

You put your hand in it....No YOU put your hand in it...Ahhh, let her do it, looks like fun!

Cranberry Bog Day is an annual event on the 3rd Saturday in June. Plans are being made to open a second day in the fall.


Each and every one of the volunteers that came at 8:00 am and stayed till 6:00 pm, setting up, taking down, selling everything we could think of, greeting the visitors along with Rocketship pictures and beautiful weather....  I am truly grateful for each and every one of you. Bog Guides, dock workers and boat drivers without a doubt you were the oil in the wheels because each visitor was amazed at your knowledge, friendliness and love of Cranberry Bog. You made their experience worth the wait. 

Berry lovers were in abundance also.  He made lots of “sweet-sweet-sweet” as they wandered the boardwalk hoping for a look at our wonder bird. So many beautiful pictures of our Warbler.  I would say, “Berry and his babies were a big hit too!!!  ​ 

It was our best Bog Day ever!
J-me Braig

Cranberry bog day 2014