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History is repeating itself, do you want to be a part of it?   
The Queen of the Lake III Restoration project will begin 
with community and volunteers meetings. This sternwheeler will bring back hope and grace for the lake we love & that holds so much history. 
History fact:  Both of the past sternwheelers were built on Buckeye Lake 
and cruised her waters for 20 years.  

The Queen of the Lake III will follow that historic path as well. 

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2019 Buckeye Lake Bliss Series

Historical Trials of Perry County - Judge Luann Cooperrider - May 23, 6:30 - 8:00
Licking County Area on Aging - Jennifer Wallace - June 15, 1:00 - 2:30
Central Ohio Beekeepers Association - Cathy Dixon - July 13, 1:00 - 2:30
Migration Audubon Center Columbus - Allison Clark - August, 24 1:00 - 2:30

Enjoy listening to speakers at the Buckeye Lake Museum

 Laid Back Saloon
​Car Show.

The Buckeye Lake Museum's 19th Annual Fall Dinner

J-me Braig, Museum Director and
F​ire Captain Arron Kerns.

The leaves are beginning to fall on the 3rd year of trucks, dirt, noise, rocks and lots of questions about the reconstruction of the earthen dam on the north shore of Buckeye Lake. 
As I stand on the porch of my family home looking out over the waters of the lake I am smiling. The berm is done.  The noise is gone.  The sidewalk is done.  The hiking trail is just waiting for its asphalt cover and soon will be filled with visitors and friends.  The grass is planted.  The grass is planted. Did I say that already? 

Yes it not what we had before.  The trees and the 100's of different style docks are gone.  Gone are the personal patios and barbeque grills.  Gone is the crooked sidewalk with cracks and crevices that could swallow a small dog. I shall  miss the personal charm of the "old Tow Path but that is about all I will miss.

The view I have now is incredible.  You can see the length of the Dam and all the 1902's cottages (struggling to survive the world of bigger is better) the straight lines, the big berm with green grass and the waters of my lake. Soon  it will have visitors walking, jogging, biking along the beautiful shoreline.  It will have a heritage trail with markers depicting the history of the lake and maybe one day a bench or two.  Sharing this with others is
important to me.

My family always welcomed visitors, mostly walking over from the KOA, trying to figure out how to get up some steps to look at the lake. My Mother Donna, was especially proud of saying, "Just come up my steps to walk along the Lake".  Her favorite line was always. "Don't forget where you came up the steps on your way back," in a sweet smile and joyful laugh," remember my flag right here, it will give you direction."

She would be happy to know now that visitors to our lake have a new sidewalk and more places to get on it. Soon there will be docks again, boats cruising the shoreline, picnics and fireworks.  2019 will be our comeback year. Oh what a comeback it will be !!!!                                                                     Welcome back friends

 Your Donations Make the Buckeye
Lake Historical Society Possible.

This magnificent tour boat gives public cruises starting in May on Saturday and Sunday at 2:00 pm. The public may board the Queen at the Buckeye Lake North Shore Boat Launch on St. Rt. #79. Also planned tours to Cranberry Bog.

• All tours suspended due to low water levels •

As of January 2016 there have been 47,926  visitors to the museum, since our opening day in 1998. Come visit the Rocket Ship, play Skee Ball or look over thousands of items from the early to mid 1900's.​ Tuesday-Sunday 1 to 4, Closed Mondays.

Our Society was founded at Buckeye Lake, Ohio in 1995 and the museum opened in 1998. Please stop in and view our huge collection of Buckeye Lake Park memorabilia. Our group covers Perry, Licking and Fairfield counties including the communities of Hebron, Millersport and Thornville, along with Buckeye Lake.

4729 Walnut Road, Buckeye Lake, Ohio 43008.

The Greater Buckeye Lake Historical Society​​​

  • Fly Me To The Moon4:09

Circleville Fire Department Donation

J-me Braig receives a $500 donation from Caption Arron Kerns of the Circleville Fire Department. 
The donation is from their firefighter's association 

for the Museum's Queen of the Lake III, True Sternwheeler.

Captain Arron Kerns is our Captain for the Queen of the Lake II and is also going to Captain the Queen of the Lake III.

Arron’s passion for boating brought him to The Buckeye Lake Museum, as a volunteer in 2010. Special Thanks to Captain Kerns and all the members of the Circleville Fire Departmen

I Am Smiling...