4729 Walnut Road, Buckeye Lake, Ohio 43008.

The Greater Buckeye Lake Historical Society​​​

The Fountain of Buckeye Lake Scavenger Hunt

This is fun for the entire family and can be completed at your leisure.  You finish before May 17th. You can enter the contest for a Grand Prize.  Everything on this list is hiding in plain sight! Take a picture with the object when you see it.  When you think you have found everything on the list show your photos to the Buckeye Lake Museum  at 4729 Walnut Rd Buckeye Lake right beside the Post Office.  740-929-1998  Winner announced at  Fountain Reveal May 29 at 1:00pm at North Shore State Park Buckeye Lake.

1.       Weldon’s Ice Cream Factory with a Selfie eating ice cream.

2.         Selfie at The Lake Place in front of the sign


3.         Selfie in front of the Queen of the Lake

                        Lieb’s Island State Park Millersport

4.         Selfie in between the two Eagles and the flagpole at FOE (Eagles)

                        St Rt 79  and Canal Road

5.         Selfie Port Lounge and Bar picture with Beer Bread or Brisket


6.         Selfie of Thornville Pharmacy and the Pharmacist Dave Whetstone.

                        Village of Thornville

7.         Selfie of Sign of the Buckeye Lake Shopper

                        St Rt 13 Thornport

8.         Selfie of the Buckeye Lake History wall inside The Blue Heron restaurant

                        Mill Dam Rd Buckeye Lake

9.         Selfie at Buckeye Beach Marina at Bateson Beach

                        Fairfield Beach Rd  Thornville

10.       Selfie  on Heritage Trail (the new North Shore Dam) with someone           riding a bike

    Fountain Restoration Reveal

  Monday, May 29, 2023,  11:00 am-4:00 pm

  Presentation, Food Truck, Festivities

  Also, help us celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Museum

Stop by the Museum to enjoy special celebrations.